The Travel Bucket List: Must-Do Activities While You’re Miles Away from Home

Ever heard of a “bucket list”?

There’s actually a film about it. Anyway, it’s basically a list of things you wanted to do before you die. The entries are supposed to be tangible and feasible enough for you to do.

The usual theme of a person’s bucket list is travel. Who doesn’t want to experience this? Travelling opens our mind, relaxes our body and even improves self-confidence. The world definitely has a lot to offer to people — be it an experience of luxury in Ibiza or a life-changing trip to Mumbai.

If you’re looking for ways to spruce up your travel experience, then these general bucket list ideas might fit you.

  • Make friends with the locals. Meeting new people is one of the perks of travelling. Wouldn’t it be nice to get to know people in another country with a different background? This allows you to widen your perspective about culture, the world and humanity as a whole.
  • Have a taste of iconic dishes. This should be a given. However, many tourists still miss out on all the great, native meals in a certain destination. Try something you haven’t tasted in your lifetime. It should be a dish that’s not being sold in your home country.
  • Witness your destination’s nightlife. Perhaps many countries offer different kinds of nightlife. If you happen to travel in luxury to Ibiza, then you might not want to miss out on the place’s vibrant party lifestyle. Regardless of your choice of destination, it must have something great to serve on your platter.
  • Try a hair-raising activity. Unless you’re stricken with a condition rendering you not to seek too much thrill, there are activities around the globe you can try to unleash the daredevil in you. Rolling inside a Zorb ball in the mountains of Cambodia? Whitewater rafting in South Korea? Driving through the Guoliang tunnel? You name it.
  • See famous animals. Witnessing animals in their natural habitat isn’t just relaxing but also very humbling. Stare at them in sheer amazement and awe when you see them frolicking at their very own environment. You can have this experience in countries like New Zealand and Tanzania.
  • Visit a World Heritage Site. Finally, you can’t just simply exit this world without even seeing at least 1 from the 1000+ natural and cultural sites recognised by UNESCO. Find out why such places deserve to be on their prized list.

So, you got an idea now? Make your holiday of a lifetime memorable and worthwhile with these travel bucket list suggestions. In addition, don’t forget to find suitable accommodation for a more convenient stay, like a luxury villa perhaps?